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Thanks Simon for the kind words. We do try to make it worth the effort to come here.

Your last ten targets, 11 to 20. X X 0 X X X 0 0 0 0.

You had 3 out of 4 standers and 4 out of 4 kneelers. That was the best performance of anyone there. Your nemesis was the longer shots; we had 8 targets placed at 50 yards or more and you had just 2 of them.

Today wasn't a hurricane. We didn't quite lose the marquee so it couldn't have been. I think the difficulty today stemmed from gusts blowing us off aim at the crucial moment, and if you're blown off aim it hardly matters how far away the target is.

Number 29, the high target on the boom at about 9 yards, that was going to be a 14mm reducer but I took pity and opened it up to 26mm just before the shoot started, and guess what only six people missed it.
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