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Well, yes, it was one of those horrible days when the showers came in every few minutes, you could see them on the horizon and you knew that you had maybe 2 or 3 minutes to finish the lane and dive for cover, or pretend to be waterproof and brave it out.

RobF was decent enough to admit that his first two shots fluked a hit; in fact on the second one there was barely any sign of lead spatter on the paddle so one or two of us came to the conclusion that the target just capitulated out of fear or respect.....

A goodly handful of people gave many hours this week in preparing the ground so I'll pass on your collective thanks to them all, it will be appreciated. The canteen staff earned a round of applause, it seems the notion of endless free tea and coffee refills was popular with everyone so that is a sticker. ALL THE SPICY SAUSAGE CASSEROLE went, not even enough left over for yours truly's supper.

Never mind, I'l still get the scores out ASAP.

The last five lanes proved to be the good card destroyers, and it's clear from the scorecards that several came a cropper on this wilder part of the course.
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