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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Ryan how come you voted for 40? your back gives out on a 30 shot

Vinnie don't forget there would be more 15mm's on a 40 shot course and you are RUBBISH at them

Phone rang before I could reply! I really enjoy the longer courses like the Gathering, Anglo and FT shoots. Like Vin says it's a real test to concentrate for that long, most of us struggle to concentrate for 30 targets and some of us struggle to physically to do 30 targets!

Like you say it's all hypothetical and it's mean a really long day if things carried on as they are or totally revamping the waythings are done so it'd be a shot gun start or something similar, which with the amount of shooters attending nationals would be caos! 35 would be a good compromise I reckon just those few extra targets would seperate the top boys. But then I'd also like to see hit or miss style scoring as well.

60mm benched would get more Sussex shooters up but there'd have to be a handicap so everyone but Ben Russel could mix it at the top!


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