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Default "Sheep Monster"of West Pennine Moors

Originally Posted by Amac View Post

I notice that you have failed to mention to our visitors that the West Pennine Moors are frequented by "The mad sheep monster" from Blackburn. Often to be found parking a small blue Nissan prior to the donning of an old sheep fleece and rounding up some likely victims for his strange rituals.

I believe the monster responds favorably to the offer of some old German gun parts, so a bag full of old gun bits can be left as an offering outside your tent. This should prevent any more "incidents."

This sheep monster is it reputed to live under a certain bridge in the vicinity of the West Pennine Moors ? the legend of the sheep monster has long been told to the local inhabitants children.Never to venture out on the moor after dark and only during the day when part of a group Any of our members who doubt the story should get in touch with our friend Andyj from Tawd Vale Club it is said albeit in hushed tones that Andy has caught a glimps of of this creature on camcorder whilst the beast was peeping from under the bridge.Please remember i never said this Cheers Alan 1946......

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