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John I was one of many who conplained during the shoot that there was long grass in front of the targets, face plates and kills painted the same colour (yellow) and over range targets ( one was checked by two differant range finders at 58 yards). The Castleton members who heard the conplaints shrugged their shoulders and said it was nothing to do with them, ( I know because I saw it). The reasons the grass was not cut was not explained untill after the shoot had finished, and they had rceived lots of complaints. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened at Castleton, over range targets are common.
Maybe airing our veiws on an open forum may get things changed at Castleton, because complainig to the members will not, after all, if I travel 45 miles to a shoot, pay my money, then I expect a reasonable course to be laid out.
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