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Default Castleton shoot

As Doz has rightly pointed out, there are only a few members in Castleton who set out their courses and three of them are disabled. Castleton has been setting out courses for some 22 years and this is the first time that these difficulties have occurred.
Pat Isaacs explained that hitherto, the farmer has always cut the grass prior to a competition, but informed them just before the shoot that he would be unable to do so due to his imminent hospitalisation –furthermore he was unwilling to allow the club to strim the lanes as he wanted all the grass for fodder. There was no time available for alternative solutions (i.e high posts etc). This was an unfortunate and isolated incident which was explained at the time to the shooters, which is why I am disappointed to see such negative comments displayed on an open forum, when we were all made aware of the situation pertaining at the time. It is surely befitting that any comments should be made only to the club concerned and to WAFTA.

John Lewis
Chairman WAFTA
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