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Big thankyou to everyone for all the support.
Well, i couldn't have named this thread better... As you know i'm scheduled to have my op next Weds the 20th, about 10 days ago my dad got a phone call regarding his op...only the same day as me, but at Leeds general...then towards the end of last week they changed it to the 13th. So, he went in on Wednesday and had the op yesterday morning, around 2pm he was on the intensive care ward and responding well, we're off to see him later today.
Talking with my sister yesterday morning, she had phoned my dad on the Wednesday night at the hospital and he'd just had a visit from one of the staff on the intensive care ward and was telling him all about us, both being due to go in for op's on the same day and then him being moved forwards a week...he told them he was going to be home for wednesday for me going in to Doncaster, not asked about the chances...told them! He said he was going to prove them wrong when he was told that it would be unlikely.
It not only made me smile, but reinforced the belief in me that he was going to be alright once more. This experience and the info gained from other cancer patients makes you realise what a powerful thing self belief is.
A complete stranger on another forum lent me a copy of Lance armstrongs book "It's not about the bike", it was a fascinating read and i couldn't put it down, he was diagnosed with an advanced testicular cancer which had spread to his lungs and brain, his first reactions were that he would never ride again, and then that he would die of it. Yet he battled through a much more severe radio therapy course than i had and went on to become a father and win the tour de-france seven times.
Many things in the book i could relate to and experienced them myself, but strangely, i never once thought i wouldn't survive this or make a full recovery from it.
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