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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The Thanks

Thanks to Iceni + friends for gp 6, nice course with good targets placement and best of all no Wind.
Did not come out of kill once!

Still shot like a tart on 2 kneelers + 2 standers and Think the 35 yard reducer (target 23) in the V of the trees i missed was a "castleton" shot as it went so far off course it was bemusing.
Still, a score that started with a "4" is better than Gp 4 + 5 lol.

The suggestions (hope their constructive)

Coulkd have done with the chrono nearer car parking? I sometimes like to check my gun before shooting and as it matters not where the chrono is on a course, cant see the reason for placing it far away from the nearest point of the courses to the car park.( Nelson was simular!)
Just a thaught to help shooters out by putting chrono tent as near to car park / zero as possible??

I know some shot wrong targets as in some lanes you could see more than two targets, yes the numbers were close to the target ( in kost cases? ) but perhaps alternative plate colours is an option in lanes where more than one two targets can be seen? I was actually pleased to see black plates for a change.
Strings, not a problem for me but did hear a few moans about crossing strings yesterday.
Some of the lanes were a bit close together so finding a place for guns not in use was at times tight. I like to see guns not in use pointing over the firing line, but in places there was not room.

Course though on whole very well balanced i thaught,

Well done to Calps on the win.
Calps wold not have won it if choppin had not gone home ??? HOLLY
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