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A great but long 19hr day for the group of us from the Island.

Views from the group.

The 'newbie'
Trial by fire I think is the word to use never done a FT event even at regional level. Not to sure who his partners were but they helped him and for a first time FT shoot he was happy with a 15 and I would like to thank them. However at the end we think we know what might have been his issue, oil on or around the hammer on his LG110. Shot 520fps then 550fps through chrono We will be doing some more checking at the club next week.

The slight experienced FT'er.
Enjiyed the shoot but annpoyed with himself but had to rush a few shots as ranged or aim at wrong targets before releasing the trigger. Found also that some targets made more difficult for being a left hander.

The old timerish at FT (me)
Enjoyed the shoot but I think I can say the words on the old school report ' Must try harder' . To many silly misses but not sure if it was due to over heating as the weather hot and humid at times. As a preference would like to have not had so many crossing strings as at times distracting to see an orange blur in the scope as one is pulled.

And on a sarcastic note the camera near the stander at the top was a bit off putting as you could hear the shuter goin the moments before or after pulling the trigger and realising you had missed not one but both . I hope it missed my expressions for missing them

Overall a great day had by all, weather held the rain off til we had finished luckliy even though looked like it would chuck it down at times.
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