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I think we all have those stages, I know I did 12 years ago. I was not enjoying competition shooting as well a few other things. I did keep all my rifles as I thought it would have been more expensive to buy new at a later date.

Took about 4 years before I started to get the itch again and finding a good mate who also was looking for a companion to go shooting with I got back into it. I would like to take it seriously but find I get better scores when I just enjoy the shooting. Have also started to do 10m rifle shooting (not seriously) to keep me on my toes with technique. However my scores are terrible(1 or 2 out of 5 in the black part of a rifle target ) but I will get better.

By all means trim down the collection but do not get rid of them all. I now do with just 3 guns, 2 Ripleys and a Rapid MK2
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