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I did wonder berty, 38 degrees was showing on mine... but once learnt, it's job done.

All i am working out now is the temp which she shifts on the way down. So far i've worked out she's moved by 28 degrees, and shows signs about 26-27... the crossover doesn't take long so that's of little concern. On the way down i've seen her hold her shift until 19-20 degrees, it would appear 18 sees it gone. It smacks of something inside holding the temperature before releasing it... i'm thinking parallax lens carrier... even on the nightforces (reputed to be all brass) these are ally... perhaps a less expansive material would be the answer.

I'd like to know to the degree when she's moving, but i've worked ways around it to help for the moment.

Perhaps the 34mm tubing which allows for a bigger pa tube means a different rate of expansion?
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