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Default setting courses

before i start or anyone else does i could not make the shoot at castleton as i was away for wifes 40th so i am in no position to comment on the course .
however i agree with doz and also simon .
i know what effort is needed to put good course out .and yes it is not brain surgery .

however i believe that all courses should be vetted before they are shot .
there are basic rules that need to be followed and also some common sense that needs to used

kills and faceplates should be of a differnt color .be that yellow /black .white /black etc
a good zero range needs to be put out with boards or plates at correct distances .
target placement should be free from grass etc and visable from all postions where possible .
to have grass in front of kills is just poor lane clearing .
and if targets are overrange then that is just lazy course setting

i am not posting this to offend any wafta clubs but if we are going to have shoots then ensure the basics are followed

if any of the wafta clubs need help with courses , i am sure there are a few of us that would help out .all you need to do is ask

no one wants to turn up to a poor shoot .so i beilve we should work together and make things better and if clubs are not going to listen and ecept and ask for help then quite simply ,
dont hold a shoot
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