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Originally Posted by RancidTom View Post

Johnny Smith
Peter Foote
Chris Coombes
Ian Hunter
Dave Hunter
Tom Morgan
Richard Bainton
Peter Higgins
Peter Underwood
Chris Sutcliffe
Mick Goodenough
Tony Male
Andy Reynolds
Colin Evans
Gary Price
Pete Sparks
Derick Stone
Pete Dutton
Andrew Burgess
Dave Hatfield
Rich Baldwin
Cat Gomm
Neil Smith
John Duggan
Rob Mobley
Chris Mobley(JUNIOR)

Mark Lennard
Pauline Goodman
Lee Malpass
John Holder
Chris Collins
Adam Gurney
Barry Coombes
Aley Smith
Mick Mctighe
Ken Gould
Greg Hensman
Greg Hensman II(JUNIOR)
Andy Wilkinson
Gary Chillingworth
Alex Larkin
Phil Johnson
Paula Johnson
Sam Adamson
Darryl Rees
Dan Haines
Geoff Ryder
Mikey Heathcote
Rick Ardern
zak godsell
Dave Lillywhite
Dave Martin
Vince Blackman
Elliott Compton (J)
Harry Compton
Andy Jones
Tom Nelson (RancidTom)
Iain Duncan
Dave Benyon
Geoff Watkinson
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