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Default good shoot today

well done to all that turned out ,seemed to go well and well done to the people who had;nt shot at MAD before hope you all enjoyed .
To Cooperman ,we wish you all the best and get well soon ,some of the Springer boys dont give a monkey;s about you turning up and taking the spoils but us proper PCP shooters wish to see you at all our shoots ,get well soon and hope to see you at the double header at MAD .
Nice to see Roger and Lurch show their face and shoot a tidy score of 54 each .
To the Springer shooter that comes from SOUTH AFRICA ,ZIMBARBY,KENT,ESSEX and ENGLAND whch ever he fancies on a Sunday top shooting matey and a win is a win so well done
Also Top man with the results up so quick see you all soon
cheers Ian
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