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Originally Posted by Sam Vimes View Post
SFT should be a different ball game and I can't see why many HFT shooters don't give it a bash, especially when they are members of clubs that do both FT and HFT. Yes, it's not perfect practice for HFT but, at very least, it'll give some rangefinding practice. If you don't want to play to achieve maximum scores then you could do most of it kneeling and get some serious kneeling practice in.
Can't speak for others only myself, SFT don't interest me at all, if i did go along i would rather enter the FT than the SFT, its not even practice for HFT really.
Their was some ******** floating around that we didn't do it as we seen it as a threat to HFT But what some don't realise is after a quest from the BFTA for an amalgamation was turned down, we were asked would we mind if they started SFT and we never had or have a problem with it, but like me there are quite a few lads that it doesn't float thier boat.

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