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Originally Posted by JamDoughnut View Post
When UK Neil did ours he made some ally sleeves for each end, with a grub screw in one.
I personally wouldn't bond it to the barrel, you might want to remove it for maintenance.
Good luck whichever method you choose.
Tht's a good idea, I nether thought of that

One of my concerns is the very flimsy barrel, 12.65mm at its thicker points which is about 2 inches at the muzzle and 2 inches at the receiver end, the rest of the barrel is probably down to 12mm (haven't measured it).

Don't get me wrong it shoots superbly at that without the sleeve and I suspect if I played with the original platinum sleeve I could get it to shoot equally well with the platinum sleeve back on.

My thinking behind removing the sleeve, replacing it with carbon fibre and bonding the total sleeve is adding strength to the barrel without adding too much weight and having a floating barrel. I could replace the barrel with something more substantial say 14 to 16mm but I'd be concerned about the receiver coping with the heavier barrel not to mention the cost
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