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I think Gary is going about it the right way and do wonder at some of the comments made??

I'm AA grade FT, have won the NEFTA hunter, midlands hunter and UKAHFT champ 2008 so know exactly what problems Gary will find. The FT sitting position took me 12 months to perfect and as Gary is a little on the chunky side will initially struggle. One word of advice Gary, don't have anything to eat before shooting FT. I find that the sitting position compresses the diaphragm so that it's difficult to breathe and (for me) can give me indigestion if i've been to the butty van beforehand

With FT there are 2 targets per lane so don't be tempted to try and twist the body from target 1 to target 2. Shuffle around on you cushion and get comfy. One more thing that might be helpful, i found that i would rock back when in the sitting position and split a few targets at 12 o clock so started to hold the cushion handle and shake the beans to the bottom before putting the bag down. Then sit on the front part of the cushion so that the plumped up bit supports the rear of your jacksie.

I suspect you'll enjoy it once you get started and will appreciate the skill involved with shooting those extra 10 yards. Don't listen to those that think HFT'ers can only shoot whilst holding onto the peg. Im my experience FT and HFT are different disciplines that are equally difficult to master.

FT - 55 yards and trusting your scope to rangefind. wind can be very tricky out past 45 yards.

HFT - rangefind by eye, no PX adjustmet and small kills.

Each discipline has it's own problems to master and take the same amount of skill to become good, i think the HFT to FT try out is a nice angle, at least it shows that a seasoned HFT shooter is not blinkered to other sides of our sport
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