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Originally Posted by kilty View Post
Hi Gary
before this becomes a farce please take some advice from Holly and get down to Springfield on a club day.
Richard is synonomous with HFT these days as anyone reading your article will know. Definitely was a AA grade shooter when shooting FT and possibly still is? Iceni awaits on 10th July.
If you would like someone to proof read your article before it is published then I can offer that service as I have a keen eye for detail and would be FAIR to a point.
There are a few half decent AA grade shooters who do a lot of travelling from the SEFTA region who would also give you something to write about.
Free tea and biscuits thrown in.

the offer is there if you wish to take it up.
you have my number
Cheers Barry, the offer is very much appreciated and I may take you up on it.

The general plan is for me to get the gun and scope set up at home ( I have a 55 yard range) and I will then attend a club like Springfield for a club day.

I have asked Richard, simply because I know him and he is a good friend of mine. I know that he is predominantly an HFT shooter now, but he still knows what he is talking about.

I have downloaded the BFTA tech manual and I will probably be back on here very soon to ask a few questions if that's OK?

Thanks for all your help

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