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Default Read the rules

Have all of you forgotten what it was like to be a newbie.

Why has no body metioned basic rules are to be found on the BFTA website. To play any game you must read the rules first.
BFTA shooters card too so your scores can be graded and reduced entry to GP and able to compete in BFTA competitions. This card also sees that you are a bonifida member of an insured club not some joe blogs from nowhere.

The trouble is when reading the rules they make no sense till you see it in action.

Thats where any seasoned FT shooter will be of help so if you find your nearest FT club and see what the boys have attached to there guns and make sure you have at least a copy of the FT bible of basic rules.

Tweaking your kit will come later(too much too soon)

You need a Gun which you have
Big mag scope which you have you will have to invest in bigger side wheel(once you get the gist you will see why but if you want to act as a complete novice dont have one yet)
Pellets Bum seat one of kiltys or just a cusion this also is a type of preference but there are rules to depth

dont get nothing else yet Its no good getting all the things that some seasoned shooters have if you have no idea why

Get at one with your gun and scope and the sitting position then slowly work on what you have to do to improve yourself and scores.

hope its a little help and welcome to FT

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