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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I think Richard Woods is going to take me down to Springfield at some point. What I am trying to do at the moment is get a general idea of what I need for FT.

I have the gun and the scope and I have seen how to take a sitting shot, but apart from that I know stuff all. I have been told that you can take shots prone, but you have to shoot off the elbows and you cant touch the peg, is that true?
Dear god this will take all night ? 1/ you . kit for you . good goretex boots with a low heel for sitters and a good pair of woolen socks . ( you wil be shooting for about three hours at a GP ) . a good pair of waterproofs , not to tight . a good fleece and a hooded sweatshirt ( to stop the sun bleeding down your scope ) a base ball hat with peak . a shooting glove for your gun hand . a decent pellet pouch for your pellets and your range lifts for your close targets . 2/ gun and scope . your rifle is your choice , but it must have weight to counteract the nerves and be the best you can afford . your scope likewise should strectch the pocket . check em out they go from about 250 up to three thousand pounds . you need high mag to rangefind on and clarity to see the dark targets .you have a choice between mil dots and dialing . dots are quicker but dialing is more accurate and gives you something to think about except . " i am gonna miss this long one and every body is looking " windicators , level bubbles , butt hooks , lifters and so on . like i say .come on down the club and we will run you through it , without you having to look like a wally ??? HOLLY
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