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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Here you go Dop, a couple on this thread moaning day taking to long and getting home late enjoy the read

thanks for that pete.

i didnt read it all as it was all a bit boring tbh.

i couldnt really work out what it was all about either but thats probably due to my learning dificulties.

all i know is that the anston/emley double header was yet another cracking weekend for me and a hundred and something other people.

this fella did make me laugh though:


Taking well over 3 hours to shoot 30 targets is a joke.
I witnessed people trying it on to just to hopefully gain an extra point, they are cheating themselves and spoiling it for everyone else."

now maths isnt my strong point but doesnt 30 targets divided into 3 hours over 3 people per peg work out to exactly two minutes per shooter?

so if thats the case then the "well over" part is his beef.

how well over it was i dont know as i was too busy enjoying the day and chatting and holding people up but we mustnt forget that this "well over" bit also includes travel from peg to peg (including the less able) and stoppages and banter etc etc.

so surely from this we have to conclude that "well over 3 hours" isnt in fact a "joke" but actually a very smooth and well organised shoot?


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