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Default Big Thankyou :)

Thanks Nelson for a great GP, the ground was stunning and I liked the course... The wind was tricky but it was the heat that I struggled with... nearly passing out about 6 lanes from the end... I said to Shaun and Paula that I may have to concede as I felt so unwell (combination of mega painkillers being taken and heat exhaustion) but Shaun was my knight in shining armour giving me an apple, water and Paula ensuring I sat down in the shade... I managed to recoup enough to finish the course. I may also note that as we started on lane 2 we had a long walk back to lane 1 as our last lane and Shaun stated quite clearly that he was going to carry my gun back and the only answer I was allowed to give was "ok and thankyou".... Thanks to shaun and Paula not only for the great company but for looking after me

The 3.5 hour car journey to the ground did no favours for my back and hip and I was having to take more pain killers than normal and this morning (monday) I found myself carted off in an ambulance as back gave out completely... have been pumped full of morphine, dazapane, paracetamol, various spasm releiving drugs more morphine and have been sent home with more morphine with physio appointment Tomorrow... Now have crutches as walking is more than a little painful....... Bugger!!!!

I will be fit and ready for Iceni tho.... Mind numbing pain is not enough to stop me coming to a shoot!!!

On the up side.... I shot out of my skin and equalled my best GP score so far of 31.... Not only great for me, but even better seeing as many others were dropping well below their average scores... I found myself halfway up the A grade table and am bathing in the glory of beating such top shooters as Justin Wood (this is the second time I have beaten you Woody.... watch out..), Ian Stoddart (you can do better my friend), not to mention being only 7 behind my beloved Rob, and John Costello having 35... Im catching you too..... I was 10 behind you at Wendover... have narrowed the gap to only 4!!!!

Despite the pain issues I am LOVING ft and will continue to put my all into every shoot so watch this space this young lady will be a permanent fixture and I plan to leave no target un hit!!!!!

Morphene working now.... have waffled far too much..... Thanks everyone for a great day... see you in Icene
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