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who is it that says that shooters are taking too long to shoot?

maybe its just that other shooters arent taking long enough.

is it so bad that some shooters are finishing half an hour after the first lot?

like people have already said we are all on the motorway by five.
would you enjoy paying a tenner for speed hft and be back home for lunch?
if you cant stand being there for the whole day why go there in the first place?
ft shooters that do the morning session just leave as soon as theyre done but hft shooters hang around for some banter and to compare their scores.
ive been at grand prix's when there is about fifteen people at the prize giving when there is always at least eighty at ukahft.
thats all down to the relaxed atmosphere and if we start going down the ft road then itll definitely be of detriment to the sport.
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