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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
The minute it becomes all about Comp rather than a social event where I have a good laugh with like minded people I will feck off and take up tiddlywinks sunshine. If you take the social out of HFT you destroy the sport, its what 90% of the shooters turn up for.
im with you on that one chris the banter round the course is whats makes it the best shooting disaplin in my opinion , i was shooting round with steve cochrane and jane sparkes at anson and emely and i was in tears of laughter most of both days we was taking the **** the whole way round and it was one of the most enjoyable shoots ive shot even though i shot like a complete muppet , but on both days we caught up with the shooters in front and they caught up with the shooters in front of them so banter and enjoying yourself dosnt mean your going to be holding up the whole course .

like i said before if we lose the banter and fun we end up with FT . no disrespect to FT but all the comps i shot whilst i was a twiddler most lanes you could hear a pin drop and we shot the comp got in the car and went home it would be a huge shame to see hft go like this as i think the social side of HFT is second to none .

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