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Originally Posted by delta1 View Post
Clearly my 2p cannot count in the poll, but it was always telling for me as a Marshal to stand well back, and time competitors without their knowledge.

If I was standing at your peg, you were safe as I was likely to be watching someone else.

A suggestion may be for Marshalls to do the same for a trial period, issuing warnings in the first instance, and excluding repeat offenders if deemed necessary.

I seem to remember that we knew who the slower people were likely to be, and while not victimising anyone, we knew where to look.

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Badger, your view is always welcome, as I have said before, we manage to get 200 shooters through the course and are usually on our way home by 5pm.

However, a few people have had a moan and Pete and Pete do what they always do and try and look for a better way to do things.

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