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Default FT & HFT can you be good at both?


My club has started doing SFT as part of the FT club league and I am doing it as practice for HFT. Having noticed some very familiar names doing SFT at the Newbury BFTA round (good work Steph) I started to wonder how people are doing their SFT.

I do SFT exactly as I would HFT (often with more kneelers as prone shots are not always considered when course building) no touching of my scope and no sitting, but how do others do it?

My main concern with doing FT properly is that it will be detrimental to my HFT with regard to being able to sit and range find (and see targets at 8 yards!), I know a few really good FT shooters that can’t range find (without twiddling the scope) for toffee.

Can a shooter be really good at both?

Any Thoughts?

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