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Default stop the stop watch

please dont go down the track of making stop watches compulsory,this sport is enjoyed by the masses and just because a VERY FEW people are abit slow why put added pressure on Joe Bloggs who we want to make the numbers up for all shoots .
If you carry on like this with more rule changes you will be ending up with the PREMIURE LEAGUE shooting against yourselves with only one sesion and everyone as miserable as sin .
Enjoy yourselves and have a good day out talking to like minded people .
In golf if the group infront looses a clear hole {1 or 2 pegs in shooting } its etiquette that the group behind is asked through so they are not held up,dont know if you would want it to be brought in but thats how another sport deals with slow play ,it does;nt think about throwing them off the course because maybe they hav;nt a chance to win and believe it or not they might be enjoying themselves .
Anyway just my point of view ,we know who they are just a quiet word and I;m sure things will be fine .
cheers Ian
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