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Never shot a UKAHFT round so I've not bothered to vote as it'll be removed. Shot quite a few NEFTA Hunters (still a novice though) and TBH I've always fancied having a go the UK's. But as it stands i don't think I'll bother (sure there'll be comments along the lines of "who cares if he doesn't"), and I wonder how many new to the sport/UK's shooters will be thinking the same after these debates/discussions. The time taken per shot is a joke so really does need to be addressed, surely a minute/target is plenty. Not sure the stopwatch is the way to go though as for me the added pressure of someone timing you is distracting. Can only suggest the marshalls need to be more strict on individuals/groups who are obviously taking the **** and using it as a social event rather than a competion.
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