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Originally Posted by elite warrior View Post
i do not think it is not a good idea, as you all no i like things to run FFFFFAST.. but i think personally it will take the enjoyment out of the day , as mentioned part of the day is having that chat with your shooting buddies, yes i think some people can take p**ss, with laying matts ,pulling strings , sorting pellets , Ect.... i think the likes of chris coombes , sparky, big chris, who tend to stand around for ages debating why there missing so many targets should just take a leaf out of M.A.D,s rule book and and take one shot at a time, keep your chin up if you miss,and focus on the nxt target ,then i believe you have the making s of a top team in quarry hunters and maybe nxt year you can really compete ...

see you all soon

Actually Lurch we are taking bets on how many FPS you fail the chrono by and what your MPH will be as you leave the shoot with another strop on.
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