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Default Emley

I was marshalling at Emley and one isssue that I had was when Peg 10 was called.
I radio'd the Cheif Marshall to attend and he duly did, however to gain access to the called target it involved a walk back down the hill and round the back of the ditch.
The cease fire was not called until the Chief Marshall was about to cross the firing line.
As such those shooting on peg 10 could not shoot on as they where awaiting the target to be checked, but all of the other shooters still carried on and caught up to peg 10, thus causing a backlog.

I did mention this on the day, but being only my 2nd time marshalling was unsure how things worked.
I felt a cease fire should have been called once the chief marshall agreed to check the target, not wait till he got to the bottom of the hill and then stop things.

Hope I am not speaking out of turn here, but yes I did stopwatch a few once the shooting started (using my stopwatch on phone) just to make sure the backlog was clearing, and no one was longer than the permitted 2 mins


I voted NO in the poll as I really dont want the sport I love getting bogged down in rules and regs, cos all it will do in the end is put people of. Yes we need some of course, but If people have an issue with time delays HAVE A WORD WITH ONE OF THE MARSHALLS, thats what we are there for surely. Dont ***** about it later on, it could have been sorted there and then. I did try to explain to groups waiting why there was a back up and most accepted the reason.

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