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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Hi Steve,

Marshals timing the slow shooters was mentioned in the briefing last weekend but we still had problems at Emley, I'm also not sure how fair picking on individuals would be either, you could well have a marshal not wanting to time a club mate & so on

If we do bring stopwatches in it will be for a limited trial to see if it worked, if it does speed things up then great if it doesn't then we've wasted less than 100 on stopwatches.
Was anyone actually put on the clock though Pete, I've heard mention that one group fell back 7 lanes which is totally unacceptable and they should have been clocked and spoken too. I can hazard a guess at who was in that group as there are certain shooters who are taking the **** with the amount of time they take on the peg. I had the pleasure of shooting with Wobbly at the Worlds and he will be the first to admit he's not the fastest bloke over the ground but even then we only fell back 3/4 lanes and that was down to me trying to get my breath back after running up and down the course sorting bloody targets.
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