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i think its like a few other people have already said its not the fact that shooters are laying on a peg starring at a target for 2 minutes its the chatting and banter that holds the whole thing up also long walks between pegs is another issue , we all like a chat and have a laugh thats one of the main reasons i left FT and came to HFT because we have such a laugh at events so i would hate to see that part of the sport strangled by racing around a course but i do think we could cut the ammount of time wasted by adding stop watches if everybody had 2 minutes starting from the time when the peg is clear from the other shooter that is well enough time to lay a mat down check wind and shoot a target .obviously a bit of give and take has to be allowed for example if your group has just walked uphill for 100 yards and your on a unsupported stander you need a bit of a breather but then everyone would do the same . as its been said it works very well at match play i cant remember it taking me more than 30 seconds to lay my mat down and shoot a target this year, and nobody i remember got timed off a peg and we would be adding a minute to this allowing 2 mins so thats plenty of time , the only thing that would have to be made clear to clubs are that the targets are easy to spot where they are placed otherwise shooters would be wasting time trying to find a target .
just my opinion on the timing

maybe try it on a round then poll who preferd the stopwatches and also see if it actually makes things run smoother or ask clubs that hold rounds for UKAHFT to try this in there club comps to see how it runs and how people get on with it .

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