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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Pete, please post how many targets i have called in total over my years in HFT.

Pete D i've edited this as i think you were pulling my leg and not trying to make snide comments.

Dave R...not sure why you quoted my post as it's got sod all to do with people calling targets when they've missed. It's obvious that there was a genuine reason to call for a stoppage in your case.
No Chris I wasn't trying to pull your leg or make snide comments I was just trying to point out that as someone, like myself, who has made a call on one target this year (at the worlds & not so far this year in the UKAHFT's) why do you think that some shooters are trying it on......I've personally no doubt you thought you hit the "Duck of Doom" & I was sure I'd hit the 15mm reducer but when both were checked they fell fine.....I really don't see why people assume others are trying it on & as I keep saying the target has to be faulty for anyone to be awarded the extra point.