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Chris, in response to your post, you called 4 targets in 2010,

You say that you do not feel that bullying would take place if names were named, but when I refused to talk about the target I called (I have my reasons why) you would not let it drop and you even brought up when I called a target at the Scotland shoot.

It did not feel like banter and it seemed that your intention was to either humiliate me or make me look like a person that calls lots of targets. I hope I am wrong, but that is how it felt.

In 2008 I called 13 targets in a year, I was inexperienced and I thought I was acting correctly, (9 of them were called correctly) however, in 2009 I called 1 and in 2010 I called 2. Any marshal who works the chrono can see the log book.

A lot of us can take the abuse, but some shooters can't, that is why the names are kept in a log and not made public. If a shooter is misbehaving, it is down to me as chief marshal or Pete and Pete to speak to them. It is not down to fellow shooters or even the marshals to get involved. In a football match, it is the ref who gives out the red and yellow cards, not the players or the fans.

I am always up for a laugh, I took the abuse about the scutterhook with a good heart and when I broke the chair at the worlds, because of my weight, I put it in my article for AG. The thing is though, some of the abuse I have had recently has gone beyond banter, at virtually every round this year certain groups have been trying to cause problems for me and to be honest It has started to annoy me.

I love the UK's and I go out of my way to help anyone who wants it. I try to include everyone in my articles and I never get a chance to plink before a round because I am usually running around trying to make sure that my fantastic marshaling team know what they are doing.

This is my last post on this subject and I am not going to look at this thread again as it has pxxxxx me off so much.

See you all at Rivi.

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