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Personally, I think the UKA have done as much as they can to stop the stoppages - They recognised that there was a problem years ago (2006 I think) and since then have taken down the name and the result of each call and they introduced the target checker tool a couple of years after that.

To stop the stoppages you have to look at the reason, and I don't think the reason is that people are trying to cheat.. the reason is that the shooter honestly believes that they've hit the kill and the target should have gone down but is somehow faulty.

If the shooters had 100% faith that a target could never ever fail - no one would call a target. The reason they do is because they lose faith in the targets as more and more calls are made. ( I remember Bolton! )

So... in the case of our shoot - 5 bad calls, but 6 good ones!. If we hadn't had 6 good calls we wouldn't have had 5 bad ones - probably zero.

The way to stop the stoppages is to make sure the targets don't fail in the first place. - Double tie strings, bolt targets down, grease them before a shoot and don't use special targets with heavy faceplates.

It would be interesting if Pete D could look back and let us know the rough ratio of good calls to bad calls - I reckon the ratio is going to be more good calls than bad calls in a shoot.

If there weren't any good calls - I bet there wouldn't be any bad calls either.

Easier said than done - it's not always possible to make sure every target is never going to fail for between 150-200 shooters but the more the clubs do to cut down on the good calls the less of a problem bad calls will be.