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Originally Posted by Cop Out & Dead Shot View Post
guys, enough is enough. Finito
Nige, with respect, if you feel uncomfortable with the thread then please stay off it.

I have no problem at all with Pete posting how many targets i've called over my time in HFT.

Lets get one thing straight. I have the utmost respect for both Pete's as shooters and organisers and they're both aware that i would say to thier faces what i would say on here. I just came on here well after the discussion had started and thought that my opinion was valid.

Being hypothetical....IF i was asked to help with running the UKAHFT i would really have to have a long, deep think about whether i wanted the hassle with dealing with the multitude of different personalities amongst our shooters and hosting clubs. Being the sort of person that calls a spade a spade, i think i would soon make a few, well not enemies, but a few detractors. Unfortunately i think it comes with the territory.

I'm sure that both Pete's have smiled sweetly whilst thinking altogether different thoughts. . I think that i may have been a little strong with the tone of my postings but that is a direct reflection of my feelings towards target calling when the target has been missed. I have already agreed with Pete that punishment would have a negative effect on the sport but IMHO posting the names might just stop the chancers.

I know that both Pete's have said that they keep a list of names and will take someone to one side if it appears they are chancers, which after sleeping on it, does seem to be the only viable solution. I honestly don't think that there would be any form of bullying if the callers were named as i'm sure (and i'm one) that if it looked like someone was being bullied (as apposed to banter) the other shooters (and organisers) wouldn't look to kindly on the perpetrator(s). I mean, we already call the target checker the chilli checker.

The main problem with having a discussion on a forum is that many have an opinion.......

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