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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Sorry for the duff info but im certain that we have staged uk event at ours , possibly the one before the 2009 event where over 200 people booked in . not that it matters that much but just trying to work out why this maybe ?

I know the same happened in the early 90's in ft where we used to get 250 - 300 people at some events but as the mega mag scopes came in to play & in my opinion but to a lesser degree the pcp's took over , that seemed to put a lot of people off . the numbers are creeping back up slowly though , so can only be good for the sport .
cheers calp
Cost is the main reason Andy, I know from speaking to a few lads that this recession is really starting to bite now it would have cost me 100+ in fuel alone to get to Anston/Emley and I just could not justify that.
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