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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
To be honest Ivan I initially would have had no problem publishing the names until some started demanding them so they could ridicule or take the **** out of those shooters in an attempt to get them to stop.....This is not going to happen I'm afraid......if people genuinely feel they have hit the target then they are quite within their rights to call that target & have it checked & we won't do anything to deter them.
Although I have never called a target, I can't see why anyone would be deterred from doing so by the fear of it being reported. Unless that is, it was likely to indicate that they were calling shots for something other than genuine reasons.

As a competitor though, I would expect to have the right to know how every other competitor's scores were achieved, including how many times they have called targets and what effect that has had on scores.

It seems to me that there are some interesting principles in play here. Are you saying then that competitors should not be subject to the scrutiny of their peers? And that an elite few preside over such matters entirely at their discretion? There are of course many examples of sports being run by such an aristocracy but again; I can't think of one where their machinations are not properly reported to interested parties.

Perhaps a simple way forward would be to poll the relevant community (i.e. those who regularly shoot the series) as to whether or not, they would like to see cumulative, individual figures for calls and their outcomes, published with the scores.