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Originally Posted by GTC View Post
at the end of the day there will always be chancers who miss a target but try it on jus to get that extra point n they need stoping or we are not on an even playing field, there was a prime example of this at the anston uk event, a shooter told me he couldnīt possibly hit a certain target due to his trajectory he then shot the target n missed then promptly called the target saying he saw his pellet hit the kill, i checked n the target was ok i wont name him though.
As Pete has stated, you won't get the extra point unless the target is faulty, so how is this bad?

I would imagine a fair share of targets called are out of the normal scope "clear" area ie outside 20-30-yards, in HFT, there must always be some tiny doubt if there is blur but in the scenarios we shoot, foliage and undergrowth can and does affect knockover targets.

In FT, you shoot at higher mags and a clearer sight picture so it is much easier to see splitters hence the lower call rate. Targets are often in clear areas, and the shape of the plates - square, triangle, round may well help consistency. We often use homemade targets as it is more fun to do so and this, coupled with some tricky placements, can affect the call rate too.
Maybe we should hang paper targets in the trees, cos paper never lies

Just my view, but when alls said and done, it's jut a weekend laugh, as KT said.