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Eyup pete
Perhaps you could enligten us with a few ' dodgy top shot ' names who are flouting the the rules & in what way are they doing it .
Regarding the wendover gp ( which was a great course by the way ) I shot the 2nd session , so didnt know how many stops there was & yes 5 is still a lot but the conditions were harsh with rain throughout the day but not sure if this was anything to do with the stops . ie rain & mist fogging scopes up & making it hard to see ...???
I do know that 5 ceasefires is very rare ( all day , never mind one session ) & as dave robo pointed out earlier , we have both shot a few gp's where there have been not one all day .bearing in mind there are 50 not 30 targets per gp with 150 plus shooters taking part ...
Talking of numbers , the last uk shoot at ours , if i remember correctly had 220ish shooters booked in & last weeks had 160 odd ... now you can blame it on the recession or whatever you want but in the last couple of seasons the gp's have climbed from just over a hundred on average to being sold out at most events this year with between 150 -170 so someone must be doing summat right .
As i said earlier, ft is not perfect & this is part of the attraction for me ie not exactly sure what youre gonna stumble across as you visit a ground that you've never been to before .
I know this probably sounds like some personal vendettaf rom me but it aint .I just hope that someone in charge of decisions listens to peoples comments , as in my opinion they deserve to be heard .
cheers calps .