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Originally Posted by IvanM View Post

No I hadn't missed that - I don't see the point in not publishing the names, especially if no one is making excessive numbers of calls.

Depending on the outcomes of calls, individuals may gain or loose points. So their position will be improved or not relative to others. Not giving full details of how scores are achieved seems odd if no one is making inordinate amounts of calls. I can't see Wimbledon or the F1 or football reporting, that some points have been won and or lost by some players/drivers but we aren't going to say who it was or which way it went: can you?

I have no axe to grind here as I enjoyed the shoots and if there are local ones, I'll shoot them again next year. I am though keen on fair play and transparency. The only way for everyone to be sure that there is fair play is to have total transparency.
To be honest Ivan I initially would have had no problem publishing the names until some started demanding them so they could ridicule or take the **** out of those shooters in an attempt to get them to stop.....This is not going to happen I'm afraid......if people genuinely feel they have hit the target then they are quite within their rights to call that target & have it checked & we won't do anything to deter them.