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Eyup petes , this topic has got a bit out of hand i would say , but hopefully when the dust has settled the ukahft rounds will be a much more pleasurable day out for a lot more people .
with regards to hft / ft not being perfect i agree but what we do have in ft is a comp sec going round & asking people what do they think of this or that idea or if we have any ideas they go in the pot & if enough folk back it up it gets an airing at the next bfta meeting ..
Im no rocket scientist ( believe it or not ) but to condemn something means to scrap it altogether , or in my book it does anyway . What pete did as he vetted the course on friday was get us to tweak bits here & there as we went through . The course was'nt perfect & if we ever did put one out that was perfect , then you'd never catch me admitting to it as i think things can always be improved .
With regards to being pee'd off with folk poking their noses in to something that they dont participate in , well if you remember i did a few uk shoots a few years back & cant ever remember any of the organisers asking me why i no longer do them . youve probably got some idea now though !
This thread was genuinely started to try & make the comps a more enjoyable day out & being someone looking in & listening to a fair few people who dont seem to dare or want to possibly cause a rumpus on here , it was left to me to bring it up .
Never wanted to cause a slanging match & i hope this hasnt jeapordised anstons chance of hosting a uk round in the future ?
Anyway thats me out of here , im off down to chez anston to start work on our nefta hunter course for next week & if anyone fancies popping over to have a bash next sunday youre most welcome .
cheers , calps