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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
But you're missing the point Pete. The names of the people calling the targets is the most important point of this post.??

I would like to see who is responsible for me getting home from a shoot at 10 o clock at night when i have to get up at 4.15 to go to work. The NEFTA hunters can be done and dusted for the first session by 11.30.
Chris, you are going to be disappointed then as I won't be naming any shooters

Comparing UKAHFT shoots to the NEFTA hunter is stretching it a bit don't you think we often have more in one session that the NEFTA hunter has in two sessions.

I'm not really sure what you having to get up early for work has to do with it either as I get up for work an hour after you & my day at UKAHFT shoots is a hell of a lot longer than yours, however if you are now saying the length of the sessions is the main problem then maybe we really do need to use stopwatches.

By the way I believe you were one of the first to call a target at this years worlds, maybe you could tell us the verdict ?