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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Hi Paul

not a case of burying heads in the sand, but ****** me off when people who don't even do the sport think they have a right to an opinion, and need to take a closer look at their own.
And post like these always go off onto something else.

Hi Pete
I realise you can get a little peed when someone points a finger when they don't actually shoot that particular form of our sport but it comes with the job and you have to rise above it if you believe it unfounded, having said that, it is from a fellow shooter who is only trying to help, and who knows might one day fancy a go at this HFT lark. I cannnot see any benifit whatsoever in all of us bickering about whats done in HFT compared to FT, this particular topic has developed into a debate on one thing only and that is the calling of targets and what we can do to resolve the problem to make life a little easier.

Answers on a postcard.

And as a starter I believe development to the target with paddle in front of plate could make a vast difference to calling split shots, its something I am looking at now and if it works then great, and if it don't then.

Answers on a postcard