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Originally Posted by IvanM View Post
Speaking as someone who has been involved with this sport for less than a year and has mainly shot NEFTA shoots, I offer a couple of observations as a novice.

Firstly Anston and Emley were the first two UKAHFT events I have shot, I thought I'd try them as they were local and to gain experience. My first observation is that these were the two best HFT courses I have shot and I certainly gained some experience.

I have watched this thread go from complimenting the courses to a bit of a squabble about something that many seem to perceive to be a problem.

I have an open mind but am unable to form an opinion because (as far as I can find) the number of calls, number upheld and who has made the calls, is not made public. If there isn't an issue there should be no problem in making this information public. If there is, it would be much healthier if all those who have a valid opinion (anyone who shoots the comps I'd say), had the facts. Are there other sports where issues that can have significant effect on the outcome, are hidden from other competitors? I can't think of any.

To me, a sport with no spectators and where the details of significant (i.e points affecting) issues are known only to a few, seems likely to invite unhealthy speculation on these matters. To my (admittedly novice) mind openness to public scrutiny, of all aspects of the scoring and marshalling decisions, would seem to be not only healthy but essential, if only to ensure and demonstrate consistency.
Hi Ivan,

Maybe you missed this post, I've no problem posting the details of the calls in future, I just wont publish the names.

Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Sorry you feel this way Chris but if you choose not to shoot UKAHFT then fair enough, you should however consider how many stoppages are actually for called targets & how many are for other reasons.

We won't be posting the names of the shooters who call the targets, as I've already stated anyone calling targets on a regular basis is spoken too by Pete or myself & this rarely happens.

Here are the details of the stoppages at Anston & Emley :

Anston - 11 Stoppages

2 x Crocodile, target pulled on the 2nd stoppage
1 x target not resetting
3 x String caught or broken
5 x hits claimed but target found to be working when checked

Emley - 11 Stoppages

1 x clearing foliage across a target
4 x string caught or broken
1 x target slipped & angled
5 x hits claimed but target found to be working when checked