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Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
Yes theese are already in force on GPs and have been there in the three years i have shot them. with the exception of vetting however has u mention the targets are not as critical due to making the courses for hft with obstructions and the differnet ranges for mini kill restrictions.

Anyways hope u dont think people like me and andy are sticking our noses in....Just simply trying to put constructive suggestions accross for consideration that may help great shoots run smoother.

Sorry Dave but although stopwatches are used there is no enforcement as to there use & shooters are still not using them.

If you are shooting the GP tomorrow have a look how many shooters sit on their beanbags or use an illegal hand position for kneeling shots.

You do surprise me that all the GP's are covered by trained marshals though as this was the intent when I shot them & as far as I know there has never been any training. Are you aware of any marshals pulling shooters for violations or any actions taken against shooters....I'd be interested to hear the details please.

Of course you are sticking your noses in Dave, neither of you shoot UKAHFT & are purely basing what you say on a few moans & the fact that you didn't like what happen at Anston last Friday & Saturday but having said that I'm happy to answer your questions & put my point of view forward.