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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
It's all a bit sad really, the speed at which some of the dummies are being spat out at ought to be chrono'ed. Now the threat that the thread is to be locked seem's a little like burying one's head in the sand, when it's forums like this where you can have an open debate to try and get answers to rectify any problems which may be there so as to take the sport forward. In my 20+ years of shooting I have had a variety of posts from club chairman,comp sec,treasurer and general dogsbody and it is mostly a thankless task, so I for one appreciate all the people who put their considerable time and effort in to try and make our sport enjoyable and run as smoothly as possible, but you have to listen to the rank and file member when problems rear there heads or you could end up with no rank and file just a few holes in your weekends where you used to have fun.

Hi Paul,

Don't worry, Pete Sparkes has decided to let the thread stand, he was just a bit worried that some shooters were using it to settle personal scores so hopefully as long as nobody gets too personal or nasty the post will run it's course