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Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
I agree pete life would be very dull if changes did not take all be still sat in caves making fire with flints if not..However if by saying "improvments to your own sport" yes changes happen in the GPS every year and the only gp i have shot that caused any controversy was the tawd vale shoot where some targets were a bit cheeky due to the course setters missunderstanding the new format for reducers....Appologies were made for this but still everyone shot the same targets on the day and none were pulled from the total as far as im aware...yes some moaners did take them to heart but the majority got on with it and leasons were learned...However without pushing down the route of HFT vs FT.....i have to say there are exceedingly few calls for targets on gp courses usualy a string may break this is to be expected but there is never 5 whistles which are unnessecery which holds up proceedings. Quite a few gp courses ive shot there have been no whistles morning or afternoon session....This is also the case on nefta winter legue and hunter rounds...I understand yourself and other organisers of the Ukhft work exremley hard to make events run smooth but from my observations some tweaks are needed to consider how to reduce the stoppages on the events so that a lot of people are not left bemused with how long a shoot takes to complete. I know myself this is the case that alot of the UKHFT shooters from both anston and emley rounds have commented on how much they enjoyed the events but felt that the events were spoiled by the number of stoppages. This is the information that the shooters are trying to put accross to try and make the events better as far as i can see.
Hi Dave,

I assume even though you have less stoppages in FT you have also raised the suggestion that if a called target isn't faulty you get docked an extra point ?

Do you have figures for the number of stoppages at the GP's so far so we can compare the numbers ? To be honest I would expect our number of stoppages to be more anyway as our targets aren't all placed in plain view, we have a much higher percentage of reduced kills (upto 46%), they can have obscured kills, have obstruction in the way & are often in positions you would never see at an FT of course we shoot on much lower mag with a fixed parallax.............All this can easily contribute to someone thinking they hit a target but we won't be penalising people for calling a target, there is also no evidence that people are actually trying it on & as I've said before the target does actually have to be faulty for them to gain any advantage.

One thing that these discussions has brought home to me is the number of massive assumptions some UKAHFT shooters are making, not only do they seem to think that every stoppage is someone trying it on but they also seem to think that stoppages are solely responsible for the length of time it takes each session. Last Sunday I still had 6 lanes to shoot when some shooters had finished, this has nothing to do with stoppages as everyone stops at the same time, the reason it took so long was that some shooters are just too slow so maybe it's time we made stopwatches compulsory.

As a parting gift I'll make a few suggestions for your GP' about vetting courses to ensure they are within the rules, enforcing the use of stopwatches & using trained marshals who look for rule & safety violations.