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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
To be honest Dave we always do take our shooters opinions on board but we never back down to the vocal few who like to have a winge. As I keep saying, we will continue to change the rules whenever we feel they are needed to ensure everyone can compete as fairly as possible.

One thing I would say though is both yours & Andy's opinions as outsiders might carry more weight if you'd already directed your passion to improving things to your own sport first

Be it HFT or FT or 10m etc etc it's all shooting and any suggestion which would make our sport ( in this case HFT ) more appealing to beginners or shooters from another discipline should be welcomed surely? the more competitors the better.

I shot most of last years winter league for the first time and I thought the comps ran exceptionally smoothly.

I can't comment on the GP's as I have never shot one.

I did not notice anything that could be improved ( not saying they couldn't but nothing obvious to me ) I am sure Andy, Dave etc would be keen to hear what you would suggest as improvements?


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