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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Hi Steve

yes I'm letting this run until this evening then will be locking it.

In my opinion this thread has strayed from the discussion topic but clearly as a few have said on here which is on topic something needs to be done for the good of the sport to change things to stop unneeded target calling in ukhft rounds for missed shots if the target is called due to fault or broken string, siezed target, target Angle, target not resetting that's fair enough but has Pete mentioned earlier 5 stoppages for misses in my opinion is unacceptable perhaps part of the vetting process should be use of the checker on every target and some one pulling the string at the other end this will confirm that each target that has been put out on a course is of working condition and therefore stop dead anyone claiming "I hit that and it's not gone down" locking this thread I feel would not be be a positive course of action because the people who call targets chancing them know who they are and locking this thread means they know they have got away with it. Leaving this thread live will keep it in the lime light and make them think twice next time and also if the organisers of ukhft take on board what the information people are putting forward and use it constructively to make changes and therefore improvements it will raise the profile of the discipline. At the end of the day people do this for fun so not listening to people is not a good attitude when people are attempting to say how things could be better for everyone. There'd are my opinions of an outside view looking in